Woolies bus trip


How did we start?
Because of a growing interest in our not too distant past. It is born out of the Nostalgia Exhibition which has been running during Peterhead Scottish week for the last twelve years and we hope to continue and fund this through this site.

What era?



This period was still in living memory. This gives life to the pictures and we are still being able to add stories
to them.

We will be continually changing and growing. Primarily the content will be about Peterhead, the fishing history and it`s people. As we evolve, we hope to include the Broch ( Fraserburgh ), the fishing villages, farming and industry in the North East and a general pot pourie of Buchan.

Who we are - Ali Hay and Elizabeth Cow
This site isn't finished, but with Scottish Week starting we decided to launch it anyway. We will be telling all the visitors to the exhibition about it in the hope that they will visit it and tell their friends.
Probably during the week there won't be much done as all our time is taken up, but bear with us and we hope to have a site that you will enjoy visiting and contributing to.
Please let us have your comments, help and encouragement as we are both amateurs and really want to make this a site that you will want to be a part of.

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