The north East corner of Scotland was described by the Gaels as " The Land at the Bend in the Ocean"

This remote corner of Scotland is not so well known as the Highlands and Islands, but posseses its own unique charm with it`s towering cliffs, golden beaches, gently rolling countryside, quiet historic villages and surging seas.
A quiet corner of the realm where the pace of life is just that much slower and the quality of living that much better.Here Canute was defeated by the Scots before his successful later conquest of England. Here Robert the Bruce rampaged against challengers to his throne. Here Saint Columba and Drostan introduced Christianity to ancient Pictland 1,300 years ago.
And the hub of it all, bustling Peterhead, Europes premier white fish port, haven for the fishing boats which harvest the riches of the seas as far afield as the Arctic circle and into the wild Atlantic.